Thursday, May 6, 2010


Sadie bunny has always had interesting tastes. She likes onions (cooked and uncooked). She loves pickles. And spicy barbeque sauce is on her list of favorite foods. Yesterday, however, she discovered the joy of mustard.

I’m not sure which she loves more, the fact that mustard is yellow and comes in a spectacularly yellow bottle (that she loves stealing from the fridge) or the taste. And what was served with the mustard?

A hot dog, cut into four pieces (so they were like tiny, unchokable triangles) and then sliced into tiny slivers.

Sadie liked the hotdog. But she loved the mustard. She spent a good deal of time dipping her fork in the mustard and eating it.

The mustard obsession actually began long before yesterday. It began months ago, before Sadie had ever even tasted mustard. She fell in love with the yellow bottle in the fridge and from anywhere in the downstairs section of Nani and Grumpa’s house she could hear the fridge open and make a run for it, stealthy sneaking around whoever opened the fridge to grab the mustard off the bottom shelf of the door and make a run for it out into the living room before anyone noticed. This happens on a daily, if not twice daily basis (and sometimes more than that). People watch for her now, but she still has great timing and seems to slip in just as you let your guard down.

Now that she’s tasted mustard I have a feeling her attacks on the fridge are only going to get worse…

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