Friday, May 21, 2010

Home Hunting- Part 4

I've been getting a little nervous about an apartment coming along (and our application being accepted) before Maggie is born. With around six weeks left to the big day I want to get things in order and I'm going a little crazy not being able to unpack baby clothes and nest when every hormone in my body says that's what needs to be done NOW!!!! So, instead of calling the relator that manages Apartment #1 and harassing him yesterday, which was a very strong impulse (it's been seven days since we turned in our application and I'm dying to hear back!!!) we went to see one last apartment complex in town.

These apartments have been known as the nicest apartments in our area (and incidentally the most expensive by about $50/ month) so we weren't sure we were actually going to fill out an application. Paul had talked about trying to bargain with them on the price because we'd heard that they've had quite a few empty apartments these past few months and we thought they might be getting desperate too!

One of the first things that we found out when we arrived was that they've just dropped the price by $55 (making it one of the least expensive apartments in town... we don't have much variation here!).

The apartments are two stories with an attached garage and washer and dryer hookups. The bedrooms are upstairs and after Apartment #2 (which we were offered yesterday and turned down because of the steep, scary looking cement steps right outside the front door... that I can only imagine carrying two babies down in snow and ice...) it's the biggest by quite a bit. We liked the space and the fact that these apartments are much newer, although I was still a little attached to the idea of the yard and small garden from apartment #1. And there are three apartments that have been empty since the beginning of the year, so they're in a hurry to get back to us and get us moved in (another major plus!). She said we would know in around three days and that we'd definitely be able to move in by June 1st!

I think that the fact that we're moving for Paul's grad school in a little over a year was the main problem that the people at Apartment #1 were having with accepting our application... when they found out he was a student that was their first question and it was the only real thing that I think we had going against us. I think they're waiting to see if someone else comes along who will be around for more than 15 months in the next two weeks... However, in the meantime we talked about the pros and cons of both apartments yesterday and decided that Apartment #4's central location and space has moved it into our #1 Choice position (the lower price is nice too!).

It has the best neighborhood and is really close to our parish and downtown and isn't near any scary trailer parks (Apartment #1 is near 3...). Paul did point out that we can set up Sadie's sand table in the big garage and she will still have all the acres at Nani and Grumpa's and Nini and Gigi's to run around on.

I'm just praying that we find out where we'll be living soon! It's the not knowing part that is driving me crazy!

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  1. Hi Cam,
    I totally envy people who don't have a yard! :) Yards are so much work, and with a child, I simply don't want and can't spend so much time doing maintenance on the yard. At our own house, the grass has grown so high, even Susi gets lost in it. No one around here has the time to mow...I'll keep praying that you get into a good place.


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