Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Telemed" Abortions

I hear so much from the pro-death crowd about how they just "care about women" and how the "right" to kill your unborn child is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread. They'd like you and I to believe that it has nothing to do with making a profit. Yet I keep reading articles that show these same, valued women who they are "protecting" being put at risk. Here's one such story from lifesitenews:
"Telemed" is short for telemedicine, a practice in which the patient consults with a physician over the Internet via Skype or other teleconferencing hook-up.

OR investigators found that a dozen small Planned Parenthood offices in Iowa were administering the dangerous abortion drug, RU 486, without the patient ever having been personally examined by a physician.

Instead, an abortionist briefly addresses abortion patients from a teleconferencing hook-up from her office in Des Moines. After explaining the medical abortion process, a button is pushed and an electronic drawer opens that contains the drugs...

...Concerns about the practice of telemed abortions are exacerbated by the fact that at least 13 women have died from medical abortions and over 1,100 have suffered serious complications.

"Planned Parenthood has come up with a dangerous scheme to peddle abortion pills to women without the cost of transporting a licensed physician to each clinic. Without enough abortionists to staff all of their clinics, this 'telemed' scheme is the goose that laid the golden egg for them. Never mind that it is a serious danger to women and to the economics of this country, especially if it expands nationally," said Newman.

"We pray that the Iowa Board of Medicine will bring this outrageous abortion abuse to an end."

Read the entire article here.
So they're giving women a dangerous drug, without an exam or a face to face meeting with a physician, because they "care?"

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