Friday, May 14, 2010

Home Hunting- Part 2

We went and looked at the apartment yesterday and I am still a little giddy.

I am apparently much easier to please than the "average" person who appears on House Hunters. I'm always amazed when I watch that show and one of the people on it says something at the beginning like- "we really need a bigger place and fast, because we're expecting our second child and our 2500 square foot house is just starting to feel tiny." There's also the man that I saw on the commercial last night who walked into the kitchen, looked at the glass top stove, put his hand on it and said "this is a deal breaker!" Then there's the woman who said that she and her husband were looking for a "starter home" in the $1.5 million range...
We didn't actually get to see the apartment that was available yesterday, because it will be occupied until the end of the month. We did get to see two that are currently in the process of being refurbished, that have the same floor plan though.

Here's what I would see if I put on my House Hunter glasses and took a look around: The bedrooms are relatively tiny (although it would be a huge increase in space for us), the walls are that dark wood paneling that was popular sometime right before I was born (the double wide we lived in for the first seven years of my life had the same stuff) and one of the two apartments had shag carpet so long that Sadie would be able to hide entire cereal bars in it for Mommy to discover later...

However by the time we were done I was trying my best not to jump up and down and ask when we could move in!

This apartment is definitely my favorite so far for several reasons: 1) The manager is a retired sheriff's deputy who has really cleaned the place up by evicting lots of people (and in our area that is huge!). 2) The apartment we'd be moving into has a fairly big (for an apartment) fenced yard for Sadie to run around and play in, with a fence that's taller than me! 3) Two bedrooms! Two bedrooms! Two bedrooms! 4) And last, but not least, it will be available the first week in June!

I guess I'm just not picky enough to be on House Hunters. Any place that we live in will be Our Home.

Now to go drop of the application!


  1. oh my gosh, I just laughed out loud, because I have the *exact same* gripe about House Hunters! "What, no granite counter tops? Oh, I don't know about this..." "Yes, our family has outgrown our current house. 2000 square feet is simply not enough for 4 people." I always marvel at it :)

  2. Fantastic! Great that you will move in before Maggie is born and that you'll have a yard, too.

  3. Tee hee! I just had to say too that this post made me GIGGLE! I think the exact same thing when I watch that show! =)

    One of my newlywed neighbors - who lives in a house IDENTICAL to mine - once lamented to me that when they had children they'd just HAVE to move because it would be IMPOSSIBLE to have three people living in such a tiny house... never mind that we have five living in ours! Oh, sometimes you just have to laugh!

    I'm praying the new home works out wonderfully for you!

    P.S. The wedding rosary is BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Interesting! We in Europe have different standards on house sizes, I guess. I checked Google and 2500 sq ft is around 230 square meters. When I was little, I, my brother and my parents lived in a 90 square meter house. It was smallish, especially when we started to have school books and other stuff, but liveable. We then moved to a "very big" house, for our standards: 190 sq meters. I can tell you one thing: if, God willing, I find a future husband and start a family, I am sure I could easily "fit" 2 parents and 4-5 children in 190 sq. meters. 230 sq. meters (2500 sq ft) is enormous!


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