Thursday, May 6, 2010

Come on California: Meg Whitman MUST Lose the Republican Primary

Come on California!

Please tell me that Meg Whitman is not leading in the polls for the Republican Primary!

I will freely admit that I struggle with my party affiliation, because neither party really represents what I believe is right. However, I switched sides back in 2006 and registered as a Republican because I agreed with them the majority of the time.

A few nights ago I watched the GOP Gubernatorial Debate (or at least I tried to with a tiny bunny hoping around the room screaming and trying to change the channel).

Going in I was a little biased. I didn't like Meg Whitman's dirt flinging ads from the start. Sadie however, was a big fan. When we turn on the nightly news evidence of Ms. Whitman's extreme spending was evident in the several commercials that played at every commercial break. I wouldn't have minded hearing about Ms. Whitman's ideas. However, the psychotic background circus music that played, while she bashed Steve Poisner, was enough to annoy every member of the house that was downstairs, with the sole exception of Sadie who would drop what she was doing and stare with delight at the TV. She didn't talk about her ideas at all. She only bashed her opponent.

Apparently Ms. Whitman's marketing people realized their error, because those ads were yanked (not a moment too soon) and have been replaced with equally awful ones.

It only took a few minutes of debate for my ideas to be cemented. Meg Whitman is a fan of the republican party because it suits her, just as she campaigned for Barbara Boxer in the last elections because it suited what she wanted (she got Senator Boxer to agree to stand against a certain internet tax that would have cost Google money, which she actually seemed proud to mention during the debate... Poisner seemed to think it was Christmas when she said that!).

She seems to fully support everything that I don't like about the party (she talked about how schools have enough money and just need to be more efficient), while rejecting the good (for example she supports tax payer funded abortions).

As a republican in California I'm used to being disappointed. I just hope that it's not in the Republican primary.

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