Thursday, May 27, 2010

Indoor Plumbing! and a loss of charm...

Hopefully I will have more sewing posts soon. I'm hoping to set up a sewing/crafting area that is the picture of organization in some little corner of the new apartment. The problem will be keeping Sadie's helpful little hands from de-organizing it. She's very into "helping" and "cleaning" these days... so I'm never quite sure where things are going to disappear to. Her little toy kitchen oven and microwave are always the best place to look when something goes missing in the house...

Paul told me a few days ago that my blog was about to lose some of its charm. When I raised my eyebrows he said that it was because we were going from living in a 10x15' cabin without indoor plumbing of any sort to a snug little two bedroom apartment. I rolled my eyes. I guess I'll have to take the loss of "charm" in exchange for the gain in water (is that why I've lost three followers in the last week?!?!?... no... I imagine that probably has to do with my uptick in anti-abortion posts... which may surprise people who started reading because of crafting and sewing posts... although that's really just a guess...)

Yesterday was a very long day, but I am much more relaxed now that it's over. I have been stalking the appliance section on craigslist this past week and it seems that the washer and dryer market is very competitive. Our new apartment isn't near a laundry facility (and the one we could drive to is supposed to be pretty scary) and there are laundry hookups in the bathroom. Since a load of laundry is currently $3.00 here at the pay places I've seen, buying a washer and dryer started to look pretty good. But every time I saw one in our price range it would be gone by the time we called.

So when Paul woke up yesterday I had him call and leave a message at a number I'd found. The owner called back at 10 and said he had a long list of phone numbers and emails from people that wanted them, but that we were at the top. We said we'd take it and made the hour and a half trip in to pick up our new (to us!) washer and dryer (they're actually about 10 years old) for a grand total of $100. I figure that we'll break even in 25-30 loads of laundry since it usually takes more than one dryer cycle to get Paul's clothes dry.

Now we just need to find an inexpensive used refrigerator, since the apartment is refrigerator-less too...

Five days until we start moving!


  1. If there's one thing that I have rejoiced over the most since we've been married it's having our own washer and dryer. I think I thanked God every day for a year once we got ours, lol.

  2. I think indoor plumbing is incredibly charming:)

  3. The charm of this blog is...YOU! :) I think people will stick around :)

  4. I don't know, I think this whole move is very exciting! I think you'll have a bunch of new things to blog about like decorating and your crafting! :)

  5. I'd have to say indoor plumbing is even better than sliced bread.


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