Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Illusion of Patience (aka crafting while I wait!)

We have a few fairly long stretches of time we're going to be spending in the car over the course of the next few days (the shortest being tomorrow at 1 1/2 hours each way) and I have to admit that I'm kind of excited. I wouldn't be thrilled if I was the one doing the driving, but since Paul would complain about how slow I go the entire time if that were to happen, I don't have to worry about that suggestion coming up.

Instead I've been looking forward to the drive, despite the mountain freeway twists and turns and the nearly inevitable car sickness that will follow (especially since I'm pregnant... when I'm not pregnant it's really around a 50% chance that someone's more-than-a-little-too-fast-driving will make me sick).

The reason for my excitement quite simple: I will have my little pink diaper bag, which has been converted into a craft bag (all those pockets!) and the entire drive will be guilt free crafting time. Sadie will listen to her tractor songs, Paul will drive and I will craft (while Maggie tries to see how far she can kick up the inside of my rib cage).

I finally had to go through my crafting bag earlier this week because it was getting to be a little much carrying a bag loaded down with glass beads, along with a 30 lb toddler (and a rather large baby). Now I'm looking for the perfect balance. I need to bring enough crafts so that I'm never in danger of running out of things to do... but not so many that I'm in danger of dropping everything...

I also plan on rectifying the neglect of my knitting needles and merino wool stash that has taken place lately (I'd also like to fit a little sewing in, but I'm afraid the machine is more than a little too big to fit in the bag... although there is a quilt that I need to finish soon).

I feel like a kid in a candy shop. Jewelry making. Knitting. Crocheting. And maybe a little quilting!

This weekend we have a longer drive coming up (in a caravan with all four generations of the family) and I imagine that after three plus hours of driving I will be the only one that hops out of the car and says "wow we're already here... that went by really fast..."

Crafting gives others the illusion that I am very patient... when really it's just that I'm having so much fun sitting in the passenger seat doesn't require patience!

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