Monday, August 30, 2010

8 Weeks

Maggie is eight weeks old today and rapidly outgrowing the clothing that I have out for her. I'm going to have to do some switching around pretty soon. Today I was downstairs with the girls and needed a cooler outfit for Maggie. I only had a couple of twelve month sleepers that I'd washed and needed to put away and I grabbed one and tried it on her. It was a little long in the legs (by about an inch) but other than that it was actually pretty fitted. Here she is in a 6 month sleeper:

I don't know why I purchased a single newborn outfit this time (I think it was just one exceptionally cute sleeper that I bought at Target the week before Maggie was born "just in case" she was littler than Sadie). And while she was "smaller" than Sadie by a little over two ounces and 1 inch, she's quickly grown and is now bigger than Sadie was when she was much older (and Sadie, who is now a size 4T at 2 was never dainty for her age!). Maggie is such a big girl!


  1. I can't believe how she fills out a 6 mos sleeper at 8 weeks! She's so adorable with those chubby cheeks! She's growing so fast you're going to have a hard time planning ahead for her size wise with clothes.

  2. Wow that is so cute that she is so big! My daughter was just 18 lbs at a year (tinyness runs in our family, Dr. is totally unconcerned) and while I was pregnant I longed for a chunky baby like yours! Maybe next time. Enjoy your big girl!

  3. Cute! And I'd say wow, but Zavier's the same way with clothes... Of course I had no clue he'd be this big and did go out and get a bunch of newborn stuff lol. Eh.. hopefully it'll fit another baby (not just yet though lol).


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