Friday, August 6, 2010

My Blog is Back!

After disappearing for a while this morning, my blog is back.

There were a few moments of panic when I signed on and saw the message that "this blog has been removed..." but after having a code sent to our phone and entering it in and changing my password, things are up and running again.

Disaster (in my world at least!) averted!

edited to add: And now looking at my gmail I see what the problem was. Somehow while I was sleeping last night my email was apparently trying to spam my entire mailing list with some "pill advertisement" that google blocked (thank goodness!). Weird. I'll have to see if apple has any security updates. I'm hoping this is a gmail problem and not a computer-virus type of problem (usually not with apples in my experience...).


  1. Yes, I wondered where your blog went.

    Glad you are back! :)

  2. Yikes! One of my friends with a gmail account had her email sending out spam yesterday, too. I hope everything works out!

    I have to check out that prolifefreebies site now - thank you SO MUCH for sharing that!

  3. I would have totally freaked out if that happened to me.

  4. It's so good to have you back in cybersphere. I got that Ad from Canadian pharmacy and I'm glad it didn't really come from you. Seemed out of character.

    The folks at "" could use some help. They would like information on the Church in the Bay Area - Silicon Valley. Contemplating a move. I think you should tell them they would be happier in Kansas. :)


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