Sunday, August 15, 2010

Maggie's Big Day

Today was a pretty big day for our family! The Feast of the Assumption is Paul's birthday and we also chose it to be the day when Maggie would be baptized.

In Paul's words:

"Today Maggie the pagan cuteness becomes Maggie the Christian cuteness."

These days we always seem to be running late. So, the entire family was up this morning at the crack of dawn, in an attempt to avoid lateness. We were successful. Maggie slept through the morning preparations and we were out the door and at the parish hall with 45 minutes until Mass (time enough to get Maggie dressed and get the hall ready for cake and lemonade afterwards).

Here's Maggie, patiently waiting while we got Sadie ready to go.

And here's Sadie in her matching princess dress!

There were some tears because she wanted to wear her purple princess pajamas...

With ten minutes left we made our way over to the Church and during the 9 o'clock Mass, Margaret Rosella was baptized!

Here we are with the Godparents!

And here we are with Father Lito!

The first cake, from the gathering in the parish hall.

Maggie slept through most of her big day. She woke up while she was being baptized and was awake during part of the Mass, but didn't cry. She just lay quietly in my arms, sucking on her binkie occasionally.

Here we are about to change back into our regular clothes.

And here is the cake we had at Nani and Grumpa's house (and because we also got Paul a carrot cake for his birthday we had a LOT of cake!).

And here is Maggie with her godmother/namesake, Rosy!

Now she's back to sleep! And no one is sure when anyone will be hungry enough to eat the carrot cake... We did drop the left overs from the other two cakes off at Paul's work. Hopefully his co-workers will finish them off!


  1. congrats to Maggie! Happy Birthday to Paul!

  2. Beautiful pictures! TINY church. So happy for you.

  3. Looks like a womderful you mind adding my blog to your links please?

  4. ah congratulations! thanks for sharing your special day with us :)

  5. Thanks everyone! It was a fun, busy day! I just added the link Jackie!

  6. Congratulations, Maggie! What an absolute sweetheart she is. I love, love, love that third-to-last photo.

    I love Paul's quote, too. "Pagan cuteness." :D


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