Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Apartment: The Downstairs Area!

I've meant to post pictures of the apartment for a while now (since we moved in on June 1st, actually!). But things have been kind of busy and tonight, since things were looking relatively tidy, I thought I'd snap a few photos. Things look relatively tidy every night right before bedtime, but the tidiness is usually destroyed by 6:05 am (since Sadie usually comes down stairs at 6 am...).

We did finally get the couch! There's been a scandal (and investigation) in the north state because dozens of people ordered furniture from a local furniture store (that's part of a national franchise) and none of it had been delivered. This all occurred after they advertised a huge sale because one of the stores was closing. The store broke a week after my parents ordered us a couch from this particular store.

The newspapers have since reported that none of the furniture that was paid for was even ordered... but for some reason our couch showed up at the store. When my dad and mom went to pick it up in the truck the salespeople were obviously shocked that the couch had been delivered. I don't know how it happened, but it has certainly made life here much more comfortable!

The couch is one of the only none-hand-me-down pieces of furniture that we have. My red leather chair was abandoned on a sidewalk at my college, the dining room table was my great grandfathers and the Singer desk that my craft area is on (and around) was my moms. The chest that the lamp is on was my grandmothers. And the paintings that add the finishing touch were part of a mission church that closed down and that our parish didn't have room for (there are actually a few more that haven't made it over from the cabin yet).

And that's the downstairs of the apartment! Maybe someday I'll have the upstairs organized enough to take pictures. It may take a few more months though!

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