Friday, August 27, 2010

A Children's Bible and a Trip Down Memory Lane

I've been keeping my eyes open for a certain Bible for the last couple of years. It was the Bible that I had in grade school and I can still clearly see many of the illustrations in my mind's eye.

Paul and I had talked about it a few times, and he'd mentioned that he would like to find a copy of the Bible that he had when he was younger too.

Then Rosy (Maggie's Godmother) came to visit for Maggie's baptism. She walked downtown and came home from the new Christian book store in town with a gift for Maggie. As she showed it to me she explained that she'd gone looking for this particular Bible, because it was the Bible that she'd had when she was younger and she'd loved reading it and looking at the pictures. She credited it for making her a person who loves to read.

Then she flipped open the cover and I recognized it (the picture of the inside cover from amazon is towards the bottom left hand side of this post). It was the same Bible I'd had when I was little! I felt like a little kid at Christmas!

When Paul came downstairs and started flipping through the pages he realized that it was the same Bible that he had had when he was in grade school!

Since then I've done a little exploring on Amazon and found the older version of the same Bible that we all had when we were kids. We had the 1965 version (which is shown on the right hand side of this post! It still makes me smile, looking at the cover!) Maggie has the 2006 version.

And it is such a wonderful book!

I'm already looking forward to reading it with the girls. For now we've been reading this children's Bible, which Sadie already enjoys (we had to read the Genesis stories over and over again yesterday).

The stories are at a grade school reading level (I think I got it in second or third grade), so it's still a ways off (I can hardly wait! I'll probably take a trip down memory lane and page through it myself!).

Did any of you have this Bible when you were kids? I'm curious about how popular it was, since all three of us had it when we were in grade school (it's pretty impressive when a Bible is approved for Catholic, Protestant and Jewish children, which this Bible claims on the back cover).


  1. I had that same Bible, the one with the 1965 cover! I think my mom still has it at her house somewhere.

  2. I had that Bible. My mom used it to teach CCD classes when I was little. I think she still has it in her bedroom somewhere because I remember looking for something as a teen and finding it. My mom doesn't tend to get rid of stuff like that.

    Right now I read HB, this Bible

    An Aunt gave it to him for his Baptism. It's for children 2 years and younger. It goes through some of the basic stories using a poem format and color illustrations. I love the book because of the rhymes which is good for young children. The downer is it's printed in China and I hate that. Seems every board book is printed in China.


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