Thursday, August 12, 2010

Coupons and Surveys: Another Week of Savings!

Here are todays coupon-ing finds:

I'm so tired that I can't quite find the motivation to get up and walk over to my purse to get out my receipt and check the exact cost from today's coupon-ing adventure, but it came out to a grand total of $4-something after we got our extra-bucks back. It would be free if we lived in a state without sales tax (I guess I should be grateful it's not as high here as it is in the bay area... when we went to SF last month it was 9.5%... Yikes!)!

I have ended up buying a number of things I never would have purchased without coupons. Take the yellow bottle of Dulcolax... No one uses it... but it was a $3 money maker... and how could I pass up getting paid three dollars just for putting something in my cart?

I've also found another way to make shopping profitable. A while back I saw a post on hip2save about Nielsen's National Consumer Panel and I applied. I had read that a lot of people get put on the waiting list and didn't really expect to hear anything back, but almost immediately I received an email informing me that I had been accepted and that a scanner would be shipped to my home. Here it is:

So, now I scan in everything that I buy (that does take a bit of time) and enter in the information about coupons and sales (that takes even more time). Every Saturday I transmit the information to an 800-number in exchange for points for free stuff.

The best part is that it motivates me to get things scanned and put away faster when I get home (after all, if I'm scanning them I might as well put them where they belong).

...Now to get some sleep...

Tomorrow Paul has the day off and we're having a fun family day!

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