Monday, August 2, 2010

The Hair Cut Dilemma

Ah the joys of toddlerhood... Sadie is not "into" having her hair done... or touched... at all...

Here's the current state of things:

I have been trying to grow her bangs out since the day she was born. But growing out bangs usually involves a clip, head band or hair tie of some sort and Sadie just isn't having it. She barely tolerates having her hair brushed each morning (don't get me started on how hard it is to wash her hair) and the suggestion of a hair tie can bring on a full blown tantrum... and if I do sneak a bow into her hair it will be promptly ripped from her head and thrown onto the ground with a scream.

On the other hand, trimming Sadie's bangs, while a once a month event, isn't much more fun and usually involves someone coming up to me at the next Mass and asking if my two-year old got a hold of scissors (it's hard to clip a straight line on a struggling target).

So do I let her run around with her hair in her eyes until it's long enough to brush back behind her ear? Or do I sneak upstairs during nap time, attempt to roll her over (since she sleeps on her stomach) and clip the too long strands? Maybe I'll be posting a crooked bangs picture under "daily dose of cuteness" before too long... And I'll resist the urge to answer the question about Sadie and the Scissors next time by saying, "yes, I always let my two year old run around with scissors," the next time it's asked...


  1. I would grow them out, but that's because I'm anti-bangs. I started doing my girls' hair as soon as it was long enough to be pulled into a clip. They pretty much learned from infancy that mommy is a control freak and the hair must be done. Since Sadie doesn't want anything in her hair, I would suggest putting some gel on your hand and then just running it along her hair to move it off her face. Maybe you can get her hair to stay out of her eyes that way.

  2. Ugh! I got nuthin. My one that hated clips n bows had a natural curl to her bangs that kept her hair out of her eyes. I suppose this too shall pass :)

  3. Growing out hair can be difficult. Just think of times when you were between haircuts and your hair tormented you. It's not too bad to have hair in the face as a child. She'll probably be brushing it to one side or the other with her hands. If it gets to be too much she may allow you to put in a clip (maybe try something plain without a bow or flower or glitter).

    As a child my mother did my hair styling. She was always braiding it, which took forever with the sitting and holding still, but it would be up and out of my face and I could climb trees with no problem. I didn't even learn how to put up my own hair until I was out of high school, I liked my mom doing my hair so much more. What I'm trying to say is that maybe Sadie will eventually come to the idea that you are much faster at getting her hair out of the way if she lets you fix it. She may even like it when she's not 2 years old anymore.

  4. I'd vote for growing it out and using the hair gel to hold it back. They sell this sticky paste, too that would work well for keeping it out of her face. When she gets older, you can think about cutting them again. With bangs, they grow so fast, and you'll be constantly cutting them.

  5. I personally like bangs on myself. On my daughter (now 6) not so much. She has a clssic all the same length bob. We now use headbands that look like large ponytails. When she was Sadie's age I would just put a tiny hair clip in them and keep putting them in over and over until she left them alone.


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