Friday, August 20, 2010

Migraine Update: Something that Works?

I received a bit of advice today from one of the Physicians Assistants at the clinic we go to. She said that when you feel a migraine coming on you should head straight to the bathroom and run a very hot bath. Then stick your feet in the water and stay that way (keeping the water hot) for twenty minutes. The point is to draw the blood towards your feet and away from your head where the blood vessels are expanded.

I hadn't had a migraine in a couple of days and was beginning to wonder if the post-baby hormones were balancing out, when I felt the dull ache and growing pressure that always precedes them. So I gave it a try. I didn't have twenty minutes to spare, but I did manage to steal ten. I was skeptical. I've learned not to get my hopes up. If the hydrocordone that they gave me after the c-section doesn't even take the edge of one of these headaches (much less make it disappear), could something as simple as sticking my feet in hot water really make any difference at all?

It did. As I sat there with my feet looking slightly swollen, the headache disappeared. At first I was still skeptical that it would last for any length of time. But it did. And I spent the rest of the day headache free!

I did a little googling tonight to see what I could find on this cure and here's a little more information:

"Migraines are caused by the expansion of blood vessels in the head, causing pressure on nerves, usually in the temple area. Submerging your feet in hot water expands the vessels in the lower extremities, while placing an ice pack on the back of the neck, or the temple, helps constrict those vessels. The combination helps blood move from the painfully expanded vessels in the head to the feet."
It may not work for everyone but it certainly did work for me today! And hopefully it will keep working!


  1. I've read that in a home remedies book. Me and Hubby were skeptical that it works so I've never tried it out or recommended. But if it works for you, maybe that's what I should try. Right now my big problem is stress headaches. I have a baby that's learning to shriek loudly and the lack of sleep; it's getting to me. I don't think hot water would work for those. Usually I count down the minutes to nap or try and separate the baby from myself so it's not directed into my ear. Ahh...the "joys" of motherhood.

  2. Thanks for sharing brother sometimes suffers migraines. I will pass this on to him.

  3. Yay! Sometimes the most brilliant solutions are the simplest. I'm glad you found the right person. Your guardian angel must of done some heavenly googling on that one. :)

  4. And it's natural! Oh, I hope and pray this is the cure for you!


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