Thursday, August 5, 2010

Maggie Update: One Month Old!

I was at the health department today making an appointment for Maggie to get her first round of vaccines when I saw the baby scale. Since Maggie hasn't been weighed since her first doctor's appointment nearly three weeks ago, I was curious to see how much weight she'd gained. So I asked if I could weigh her and a few moments later was watching the digital numbers climb up past ten pounds.

It finally stopped at 12 lbs 15.05 oz! Maggie has gained 3 lbs 14 oz since she was born one month ago today. Since that seemed like a lot to me I googled "infant weight gain" to see what the average was. Most of the sites I found said that babies generally gain 4-7 oz a week for the first month and 1-2 lbs a month for the first six months. So it is a little more than average!

Because she also has pretty good head control (she can raise her head 90 degrees when she's on her stomach and is constantly pushing back away from my hand, supporting her head on her own trying to look around) and is so big most people who ask are really surprised when they hear how old she is. She's already taking after her big sister!

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