Saturday, January 15, 2011

CSN Review: My New Sony DVD Player!

I posted a while back about an upcoming review for CSN Stores and it's finally here! I'm always excited to have an opportunity to do a CSN review because they have so many different products (and stores) to decide between. From dollhouses and toys to bathroom furniture and cookware they have almost everything you can think of!

So when my CSN review code came and I got to do a little bit of shopping I was very excited. I almost bought a beautiful pair of boots that I'd had my eye on. And then it happened. Disaster (okay disaster is way too dramatic a word, but in our house it felt like disaster) struck. Our DVD player, which belonged to Paul before we got married and had already been showing signs of distress for quite some time, besides simply refusing to play some disks, began to freeze after every single frame. If I turned it on or off a couple (or five) times it would eventually start to work again. For a while at least.

Our DVD player is a big deal in our house. We don't have any sort of television service and on days when I'm home alone with the girls putting Maggie in her exersaucer and giving Sadie a sippie cup and putting on Go Diego Go can buy me enough time to make dinner if I haven't thought of something ahead of time (my freezer supply has dwindled since we moved).

As a result I was delighted when I saw a this Sony DVD Player. It was just under the amount of my certificate and with shipping would cost $2-something. I ordered it and it literally arrived less than 48 hours later. Since we were in the middle of moving when it arrived I kept it safely in its box as things got shuffled from one place to the other.

Once we got to the new place I unpacked it and set it up. It was a lifesaver while I was unpacking boxes with two little girls when most of our belongings were still in boxes. One of my favorite features is that it starts any DVD from the spot where it last stopped. Our old DVD player would start the disk that was in it from the same spot, but once the disk drive had been opened it would restart from the beginning. Now maybe this is something that DVD players have had for a while (since I obviously haven't been using a "new" DVD player for quite a while), but its new to me and I'm pretty excited about it.

Paul and I can watch half of a Netflix movie one night and then take the disk out, let the girls work on their Italian with Muzzy before dinner the next day, and then put the disk back in after they go to bed and the DVD player will restart the movie where we left off!

So overall I'm pretty thrilled! The DVD player arrived at the perfect time and for such a slim, simple looking little machine it does a lot!

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