Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Startling Toddler: And How Babies are Born...

Sadie has been acting out something lately and I will admit we're all more than a little bit surprised. It all started a couple of weeks ago when somehow the fact that Maggie used to be in my tummy came up. Then Sadie started pretending that her Pooh Bear doll was her baby and that he was in her tummy. She started by getting a blanket and putting Pooh under the blanket on her tummy and has progressed to stuffing Pooh Bear inside her dresses so that she has a Pooh Bear bump.

One day, she pointed at the anatomically correct exit for most babies (on me), although not for our babies since they were both c-sections, and said "Mag!" as if to explain how babies are born (surprising thing to point out when everyone is just sitting around in the living room playing and reading books!). And that pretty much shocked all of us since the extent of the discussion on where her little sister came from was "the doctor took Maggie out of Mommy's tummy."

We don't have cable or satellite TV so it's not like she's seen A Baby Story or anything on babies being born on TV! I have wondered if it has to do with her fascination with all things "poo" (as in animal scat when we go on walks, because we come across a lot of bear and fox scat...) and that she's calling her sister "poo" since she always giggles after she says it.

Most surprising perhaps, was when she was sitting in her beautiful Christmas gift princess dress last night at a restaurant birthday party with the entire family. She decided, in her high chair at the head of the table, that she was going to stuff Pooh Bear down the front of her princess dress and then "deliver" Pooh Bear in a fit of giggles out the bottom of the dress with a flourish. Four generations of raised eyebrows (okay, three since Maggie was too busy playing with her teething ring) shot up.

She was always fascinated with my Maggie bump before Mag's was born and was already pointing at it when asked where the baby was when she was pretty tiny (I think around 17 months old).

I guess Sadie doesn't need this doll to explain where babies are from. And that's a good thing because I can't imagine forking over that kind of cash for a rag doll (or any doll! Heck it's way more than an American Girl doll!).

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  1. So sweet! I had to tell dh that story. We did start letting Kalila watch those shows early because I was addicted to them for awhile lol. Then we wanted to prep her for Z's birth. My kids will prob all end up knowing a ton of birth info by the time they leave our house :-D I love that Sadie figured it out on her own somehow though... Shows how smart kids really are.


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