Friday, January 28, 2011

A First Haircut

As you may remember I am the family barber/stylist. Here's my first attempt at a haircut (Paul was the guinea pig. Paul does cut my hair and I'm due for a trim any week now.). And Sadie was a bit older when I started trimming her hair. But Maggie's hair was so long (and more importantly so uneven) that I trimmed the bottom this morning. Here's the event in pictures:

Sunday Morning (pre haircut hair length)

This morning after her bath before the haircut.


Presenting Princess Maggie!

She looks older to me now! Like less of a tiny baby!


  1. Wow! She is getting big! She's so adorable :)

  2. She looks so sweet with the hair and the dress. You did a good job! Are you in matching dresses in the top photo?


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