Sunday, January 9, 2011

Daily Dose of Dumb: Making Up Catholic Religious History As She Goes Along

It's unfortunate that so many people out there seem to get their Catholic religious history from Monty-Python-ish sources. It's worse when no one calls them on it and they lead others astray as a result of their lies.

The commercial is pretty dumb. But the part that made me want to yell at my computer monitor came towards the end of the clip. Can you guess what the topic was that was so upsetting?

Hint: it comes at around the 5 minute mark!


  1. Please don't flame me folks, but I thought the commercial was funny, albeit in a sad sort of way. Just look at the percentage of Catholics who actually believe what the Church teaches, and you can see where the commercial reflects reality. The silver lining may come in a wake up call for some people.

  2. Oh, and about the purgatory thing... That woman was abusing her fifteen seconds of fame to play the pulpit bully. Unfortunately, the man who claimed to be offended by the commercial blew away an opportunity to explain any real beliefs.

  3. Oh my goodness! This is SO annoying! UGH!

  4. Is she for real? Seriously, Catholics are the largest denomination of all Christians. There are technically more Protestants than Catholics but there isn't one single group that is larger than Catholics. So she isn't comparing very accurately. It's like saying that there are less Lutherans than there are Christians. Christian is very broad in scope and so too is Protestant because it includes groups that are not Orthodox or Catholic.

    And is she for real about purgatory? I think she's just some angry Catholic bashing woman. She says she's no longer "practicing" she might as well say she's no longer Catholic.


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