Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Daily Dose of Cuteness: Mae Babe Sits Up

Maggie sat up for the first time on Friday and today she spent the day practicing her new skill. She also seemed determined to move on to the next step (or skip ahead five or so steps!). She's been watching her sister and after sitting up she started trying, over and over again, without holding on to anything, to straighten one leg and reach up to the sky with one arm like she was going to jump to her feet. This may be why Sadie was walking around later saying "Mae Walk! Mae Walk!"

I'm not quite ready for her to be racing around on her own yet...


  1. I usually just lurk but after reading the above I had to say this. My little cousin started walking (running) around this age because she wanted to keep up with us. She never crawled until she was well over a year (baby brother was born when she was 18 months). She also talked super early and loved big words. So while you may not be ready but Maggie may just be, be strong.

  2. So cute! My Flip is starting to want to sit up too. (Don't know if you know this or not, but he was due July 4th, but came early due to my gestational diabetes via emergency c-section.) He too is ready to keep up with big brother and big sisters. I love how his little face just lights up whenever they come around.

  3. She has the cutest little baby toes!!!!

    Sorry that was really random, but that is what struck me about the pics. As it is pretty cold here, I have to keep my babies all covered up and only get to see cute baby toes when I change diapers.


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