Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Guess It Was For the Best...

It's a good thing that I'm not in Rome today...

...because I have the flu and Maggie has the flu and Sadie is just at the tail end of having the flu and I have no idea how we would have survived yesterday's plane trip if we'd actually had tickets. For the last couple of days Sadie has been pretty hysterical every time we've stepped outside of the house. A long plane ride just wouldn't have happened.

Paul is, at this very moment according to his last message to me on Facebook, on his way to the Vatican. And I am, for the first time, glad we didn't all go, because it would have been a disaster! While Maggie's fever has come down a little bit she is still on sick little bunny. I was really hoping she would miss this, but no such luck.

In other news, before I go to bed and hope tomorrow is better than today, Sadie announced this evening that she is ready for big girl pants. I have an entire drawer full of big girl pants that have been waiting for this moment (I would take them out and ask her if she was ready to wear them and she would dissolve in tears so this is a big step!).

I could not be more thrilled by this development! I would love to not have to buy any diapers (I tried to convince her that cloth diapers were the way to go once I got the hang of them and then gave up after it became clear that the hysterics weren't going to subside in the near future).

Now for some sleep.


  1. Everything happens for a reason :-) I'm happy for how things are going for your family.

  2. Sorry about the flu, hope yall get better soon!

    and Yay! for the big girl pants :-D

  3. Sorry about the illness. I hope that everyone recovers swiftly.

    Thought you might this article

    It talks about how "Catholic" colleges are loosing their religious status in the eyes of the state.

  4. Thanks everybody!

    And Deltaflute- Thank you so much for that link. I'd just finished writing my post on USF when I saw your comment and I definitely want to read it. It'll be interesting to see if being hit in the wallet might inspire more religious devotion than actual teachings have!


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