Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Year of Dresses?!?!

I've begun my year of dresses after failing dismally at trying a "Week of Pants" during the last week of December. You see, my latest Month of Dresses began in October, and so, in anticipation of the beginning of my Year of Dresses I thought I'd wear pants for one week. Maybe the problem was that I only have one pair of pants in my size at this point (and one pair that's a size down that probably fits, although I never got around to trying them on! I'm not counting my sweats as "pants" in this scenario.). Anyways, apparently my commitment to my Week of Pants was lacking (I never even mentioned it on my blog... I must have suspected that I would fail!). Thus begins my Year of Dresses!

I was planning on starting another blog to document my year of dresses. It wasn't going to be anything fancy or in depth. It was really just going to be a year in pictures of my creative attempts at wearing dresses for (at least) 365 consecutive days. Of course in the move, not many pictures were taken (I think I got one in the last six days!), so I may have to make it a year and a week if I'm actually going to do a year in pictures (Paul suggests that snapping one picture every day would be way to much work!). I have reserved a blog name... so it looks like the Year in Pictures might actually happen. I have little doubt I can stick to a Year of Dresses, we'll have to see how the Picture side of it plays out though.

Sadie has surprised me the most about the whole wearing dresses only thing. She only has a couple of dresses that really fit her at the moment and a closet full of things she's outgrown. Going into summer she was a size a 2 or a 3 (depending on the brand). Now she's a 4 sometimes, but mostly a 5. We'd gone out and gotten her a small number of warm 4's and 5's for winter since she'd outgrown almost everything in her closet, but this past week she's refused to have anything to do with them. If I try to put her in pants (without a dress on first) she cries. Hysterically.

As I was standing in the kitchen yesterday morning she walked by and stopped to pet my skirt while saying "pretty dress." That same morning her first words of the morning were "big dress" as she pointed to the closet she and her sister share (Maggie has a ridiculous number of hand me down dresses from Sadie and Sadie keeps trying to squeeze into 12 monthers). Tonight as we read a bedtime story about wishes, I read a part that asked what her wish was, and she was quick to tell me "Big Dress!" before dissolving into a panic as she noted that she was wearing pants and a shirt (very cute sock monkey pajamas!). She than jumped out of bed and ran to the closet in a frenzy and pulled down her new snowman dress pajamas. When I pointed out that I wear pajama pants to bed and suggested that she wear the other pajamas tomorrow we nearly had tears. She is now tucked into bed in her snowman dress.

Apparently Sadie may insist on joining me in my Year of Dresses (not that I'm holding her to it!). Anyone else given it any thought?


  1. Normally, I wear skirts. It works well out in the dessert. You still look nice in a skirt but it's airy enough that you're not too sweaty. And in winter, it doesn't get very cold so I switch to different tops and stockings. I save a bundle of money this way.

    I'm with Sadie. I used to have melt downs too when I was little over wearing pants. I hated them. They never felt right on my body. Either too loose or too tight, but now a dress or a skirt was awesome. I thought that it was weird being the only girl who didn't like pants and not for a religious reasons either. Tell Sadie she's alright in my book. Who needs stinking pants anyway?

    I didn't regularly wear pants til junior high. I think it was the pressures of school. But then I sorta phased out pants again over the last few years. I still wear them around the house, but not really ever in public. I think they make me look less frumpy especially since as a mom you're inevitably covered in something or haven't been able to take a shower.

  2. I don't have many dresses- but I am starting to wear skirts more often outside of church

  3. I love that plaid skirt, where is it from?

  4. I got it at JCPenny's in autumn 2007. I'm not sure if they'd have anything like it now. It was one of my two pilgrimage to the Holy Land skirts!

  5. In the last 4 years, I think I have worn pants (outside the house) maybe 4 times?
    I own pair of culottes just in case I ever get the chance to ride again, and PJ pants and 2 yoga pants :)
    I buy opaque tights 2 sizes bigger so they'll be really comfy.
    Looking forward to your year of dresses!

  6. Great ideas! I started wearing dresses/skirts nearly 5 years ago. It all started when we started going to daily Mass. I didn't want to wear anything but the dress or skirt and I didn't have the time to completely change everyday when I got home. So, I started wearing dresses all the time. I really don't have issues with being cold... I wear knee socks or cozy tights and usually always shorts underneath. I also started to learn to sew and so I plan to make my own dresses, skirts, and jumpers. I made a ton for my girls the last few months and we all love skirts all the time, it just sort of happened... I would never go back to pants, I just don't feel comfortable in them anymore. I look forward to your year of dresses.

  7. I'm looking forward to this, too! I don't have much room in my budget for anything new, but I've decided that I'm not going to buy any more pants. I'm still going to wear the ones I have (unless they get tight) until they wear out; waste not, want not. All new-clothes-money will be spent on skirts and dresses. Eventually, as time goes by, I will become a skirt-and-dress only girl. I'm sure it will be slightly emotional when that last pair of pants bites the dust, but I'll also feel a bit of freedom.


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