Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Home Sweet Home: Paul's Back From Rome!

Yay! Paul finally made the (roughly) 300 mile drive back from the airport! And I am very happy.
Maggie and Sadie were both delighted that Daddy was home. When he picked Maggie up she clung to him and cried any time he tried to put her down. Later when she was finally sitting with me again she sat and cooed at him in this sweet little quiet voice (she usually "talks" pretty loudly to be heard above her sister).

Sadie was also thrilled and zoomed back and forth through the house before finally collapsing on the couch where we watched Curious George while Daddy and Maggie both took naps.

Paul did come home with quite a few Rome Stories. Maybe I'll share some in the next few days... Then again, I'm not sure how I like the way his Rome Stories are colliding with the idealized version of Rome that I am trying to maintain in my head. Oh well.

And while the house was not quite spotless when he got home (Sadie'd been trying her best all day!) the boxes are completely unpacked. Now I just need to start scrubbing the doors and windows that have been written on in permanent marker. Baby steps! But we are getting there!

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