Friday, January 7, 2011

Sadie Frown of the Week: PDA's During Mass

I attended an absolutely beautiful Mass this morning. We have a new priest and he's using Eucharist prayers that we've rarely heard. It was truly amazing...

... And yet, the entire time one thought kept running through my head. I tried to brush it aside. And then I tried to force it aside. And yet it kept coming back, again and again, for the entire rest of the day. It was slightly nauseating.

Here it is:

Public Displays of Affection during Mass truly disgust me.

Deep breath.

There is apparently something that bothers me more than singing the "Our Father" and changing the words. It bothers me more than gender inclusive language. It is a couple, sitting directly in my line of sight, who cannot keep there hands off of each other.

I know what you're thinking: Teenagers!

Unfortunately, not at all. In fact, they were decades away from using "youth" as an excuse.

Words like "grope" shouldn't come to mind during Mass.

However, I have learned a few very important lessons today, in retrospect. 1) Come early to Mass (we arrived two minutes before it was scheduled and it had already started, so we had to sneak in and sit in the back... which leads me to #2). 2) Sit in the front! It's better for the babies to watch everything AND no one other than the priest is in front of you. No one in front of me had any idea what was going on and the people who were behind off to the sides likely missed it as well. In fact I'm pretty sure even the priest facing us couldn't see what was going on.

Paul pointed out on the car ride home (we had a long shopping day so this was hours later) that they really didn't seem to know they were doing anything inappropriate and I think he's actually (sadly) correct. They didn't seem to know that the fact that they couldn't keep their hands to themselves was not appropriate. And that says something very sad about our culture. Everyone should no that PDA's in Church are absolutely unacceptable.

Anyways, I have learned my lesson: come early, sit in the front. I don't need an extra "show" to go along with the Eucharist.


  1. I know what you mean... I'm actually pretty sure that I saw two women kiss each other on the lips during the "peace be with you." Sit in front: duly noted.

  2. um...ugh

    Unfortunately- there are only so many front seats to go around!

  3. The fortunate part is that they're usually the last ones that fill up! Paul was actually teasing me about it after reading this post. He said that when we came in and Mass had already started I "slunk" over to the full side in the back, right behind everybody else. Our regular spot was up there empty, but since it was already started I didn't want to walk up to the front. In hind sight it might have been worth it!

  4. I'm easily distracted and annoyed by those couples who can't keep their hands off of one another during Mass, too. Fortunately it's a rarity when I witness such things at Mass and I've never had to witness it to the level that the word groping would come to mind. Yuck!

  5. Reminds me of a time we wound up towards the rear of church. Some kids behind us were "acting up" rather loudly. So, in my best "grumpy old man" voice, I turned around and barked, "Knock it off!" The shocked looks they gave were priceless. I had to quickly turn back around and pretend to be deeply in prayer to hide my laughter. Not another peep was heard the entire Mass.

  6. I've chastised younger kids also, but teens don't care. A couple weeks ago I embarrassed one when at the sign of peace I said it was too bad he never learned the Our Father. Mostly when all the distractions occur around me I just close my eyes --- some masses I'm sure it appears I'm sleeping through the whole thing. (But I guess this wouldn't work for you, with your kids.)

  7. How frustrating! Honestly, if people feel the need to do more than hold hands during a service, perhaps they should stay home.


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