Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Babies on the Brain

Sadie and Paul had an interesting little discussion last night.

I was standing in the doorway of the bathroom, telling Paul about Sadie's earlier baby comment, while Sadie played in the bathtub. Halfway through the conversation I asked Sadie the baby's name and she gave a repeat performance when Paul asked about the possibility of the baby being a boy. Sadie adamantly denied that there was any chance of that happening.

At some point someone said something along the lines of: "Wouldn't it be nice to have a little brother named Patrick?"

Sadie's response: "No it would not be nice."
Me: "That wouldn't be nice?"
Sadie: "No!"

Hmmm... I'm thinking we better find out the gender at twenty weeks if at all possible to help Sadie be ready for either possibility!

Sadie has actually been quite the little font of baby information lately (both true and not so true). She loves looking at one of the pregnancy books I have, that has images of babies in the womb. And since seeing those pictures she sees "pictures of babies" pretty much everywhere. A star being consumed by a black hole in a magazine? That's a baby. And not just any baby. That's our baby. She's got babies on the brain.

Then there was this afternoon's startling information. She was looking at her own baby pictures and she commented on her "icky belly button." When asked where it came from she said "the doctor" very seriously. The belly button obsession of the afternoon may have been a result of an earlier conversation when Sadie was trying to figure out how the baby was nursing inside of my tummy and I told her the baby got it's food from a tub that went in through the baby's belly button that gave the baby everything it needed. Sadie's eyes were probably the size of saucers by the end of the explanation. She thought about it for a few minutes, examining her own belly button. And now if you ask her how the baby gets food she points to her belly button.

Now if she'd just stop accusing her sister of "trying to eat the baby" every time Mae nurses...


  1. It's possible that Sadie could be right about the baby's gender. My oldest told me she was going to have a baby sister before I even knew I was pregnant. She insisted all along that she was having a little sister and was as pleased as can be when we had an ultrasound and found out she was right. Now my younger daughter was certain that she was going to have a little brother named Daniel this time around. Once I told her that she wasn't picking the baby's name, she was annoyed. She turned out to be wrong on the gender (per our ultrasound at 20 weeks). She's excited that she's going to have a baby sister. We found out this time around because we were concerned that she'd totally freak if she didn't get her baby brother. She warmed up to the idea of another sister within a day or two of us finding out the gender.


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