Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Mae Bae! (The 4th of July Baby's First Year!)

How time flies! I decided to put together a little photo album of Mae Bae's first year, starting with one of my last pregnancy photos and bringing us up to the present with a photo of Mae that I snapped today!

July 4th, 2010
We meet Mae Bae. She's weighs in at a whooping 9 lbs 1 oz!

Mae Bae's Birth Announcement Photo.

The Big Day! Mae Bae joins the Church!

Mae Bae's First Salmon Festival!

Mae Bae's First Halloween!

Trying to snap a photo for the Christmas cards...

Mae Bae's first Thanksgiving!


Mae Bae goes to see Santa!

Mae Bae plays dress up!

The cuteness is overwhelming.

Mae Bae's First Haircut (because she had a mullet-type-style going on).

Mae Bae uses her sisters chalk board (and stands!).

We love Costco's double shopping carts!

Tractor time.

Mae Bae's ready for the big bath.

Swimming in the baby pool outside.

Mae Bae's first Mother's Day!

Mae Bae models a snood for Mommy!

Fun in the sun!

Getting ready for the birthday party!

The day before Mae Bae's first birthday!


  1. I *love* her sailor dress! I would totally wear one in adult size! lol. And the bath pic is too cute.

    Happy birthday Mae Bae!

  2. Happy Birthday Mae Bae! Just adorable!

  3. Happy first birthday to sweet little "Mae Bae"! What a doll!


  4. Happy Birthday, Mae Bae! Thanks for the pictorial review - she's a cutie.

  5. I think I'll always remember Mae Bae's birthday now because she shares it with the Baron. You surely do make cute babies. I love all the pictures of Mae Bea she's just so bright eyed and bushy tailed all the time.


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