Monday, July 25, 2011


It's official. We began packing today. And now, with Sadie sitting in one corner playing with potatoes (she moves them back and forth from one pot to another for long periods of time) and Mae attempting to use a box of soda, a plastic container of ice tea and a six pack of paper towels to climb up onto my exercise bike (thankfully she still can't quite get up on it) I am taking a quick break.

I began packing the toys in the living room (they've actually made their way out of the girls' room and colonized the rest of the house pretty completely) with Sadie and Mae both on board and ready to help. Mae actually kept picking up little toys and putting them in the box and Sadie ran around collecting toys and packing them, in a panic the entire time that something might not make it into a box and might be left behind when we move. She was pretty certain, it seemed, with each finished box, that the other toys that were still unpacked might be left behind (which was more of a problem because I was trying to convince her to leave her favorite toys out to bring along on the plane, but she wanted to make sure that they were packed first...).

In other news, the people at the local Uhaul store, told us that it would actually cost less to get the 26 foot Uhaul instead of the 20 footer. Apparently the 26 footer gets around 10 miles to the gallon and the 20 footer usually gets around 6, so we'll save more than the $200 price difference on gas going cross country. Hopefully that means there will be more than enough room for the giant double stroller and the red wagon. Now back to packing. Six days until the truck leaves and 13 days until the girls and I make the move. I can't believe it snuck up on us so quickly!


  1. I hope the packing goes well for you. When we moved four years ago the packing was the worst part. It's not fun when you have to pack up the little ones' toys and then have them wait to play with them.

  2. I wish you well with your packing; just did that myself last fall and will probably do it again within the year. I know how difficult it can be with the little ones.


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