Thursday, July 21, 2011

Daily Dose of Cuteness: Baby-zilla Attacks Computer

Tonight after dinner Mae Bae attacked my computer (I did let her watch Netflix on it once so she may have been searching for Diego, who she's pretty much in love with).

It was sitting all alone and she walked over and started slamming her little fists on the keys to make it go. Apparently she activated the camera, and as I grabbed her little furious fist the computer snapped this picture.

She looks pretty determined as she attempts to free her little fist to continue pounding on the keyboard...


  1. Your little "Mae Bae" makes me smile. What a character she is!

    I found it fascinating that there were so many supportive comments re: Abp. Chaput. My favorite is "the Church should inform and transform the world, not the other way around."

    I emailed him in support of his opposition to Pres. Obama's address/degree at Notre Dame and very quickly got an email back from him, thanking me and
    requesting prayers. So far, I have been impressed with him and hope that he is just what Philadelphia needs.

  2. Be careful! My babies have destroyed 1.5 laptops so far (the half can be fixed hopefully when my husband gets home). - J

  3. Hi J-

    I hope the half can be fixed too!

    Hi Marie-

    I was glad to see that there were positive comments now! When I first read them, the day the article was posted, all but 1 were just horrible. I'd heard that there had been responses from other blogs, but hadn't checked it out yet! That's great! He's one of my favorites, so I'm hopeful for Philadelphia. I imagine if I were in Denver I'd be pretty sad though!

  4. I was wondering if she was available to come over and teach me how to turn on my camera?

  5. Look at the determined look on her face. It's almost gleeful.


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