Saturday, July 2, 2011

Raccoons on the Roof (or Why My Snoods Are Still Un-Sewed!)

I just finished my sewing projects for the night (okay... I almost finished my sewing projects for the night...) and am going to call it a day, but I thought I'd share out last little wildlife adventure before I go to sleep.

The wildlife adventure of the evening is one of the reasons that many of the boxes on my checklist are not checked off at the moment (along with the fact that I didn't escape from the baby room until after 10pm tonight... they just did not want to sleep!).

I was a little grumpy when I emerged from the baby room. I was hoping, since I'd been in there so long, that the house would have magically cleaned itself, but, alas, that was not to be. Paul did volunteer to help after he witnessed me stomping around the house... but the grumpiness of a two hour long bedtime routine was still with me (along with the first trimester pregnancy hormones coursing through my veins). As I sulkily picked up toys I heard a sound out on our front porch/the roof of our home: it sounded like someone being body slammed from surface to surface (at least that's what it sounded like).

This, of course, happened when Paul was not in the room. I retreated to the kitchen and peaked out to make sure the door was locked (it was).

When Paul came back into the room he informed me that one of our neighbors had said raccoons had climbed up onto her roof earlier in the week. And apparently they were now on our porch and roof.

It was at this point I remembered that the bag of thread/ ribbon that we had driven all the way into the city to get this morning, so that I would have snood sewing material tonight, had been left in the car when I carried a sleeping baby into the house.

I informed Paul of this fact.

He looked at me as if I were completely insane and asked if maybe I couldn't wait until the morning for my ribbon and thread. I grumped over to the sewing machine and started sewing more headbands.

The pregnancy hormones abated, the way they tend to do after a bit of time has passed, and I was glad that Paul hadn't risked life and limb to retrieve my thread and ribbons from the car that, while only five feet from the porch, was on the other side of what sounded to be an entire pack of the fighting raccoons (let's just say I didn't even want to be near the door!).

And because no one felt like opening the door to snap a picture of our nocturnal friends, tonight's picture is of the snood and headband I finished today! Now to get a little bit of sleep before the baby bunnies wake up!


  1. What a funny! We don't get much of that around here. We do have a few baby bunnies that cross our porch; but other than the squirrels, that's all the wildlife we hear. Glad you all were safe from the fighting raccoons!

  2. Aah! I get so freaked out when i see creatures around. Its not normal with, so possible a hormonal problem during pregnancy i must suppose. I even tend to scream out on seeing cockroaches and lizards.

    Your sewing work looks nice.

  3. We have several big, very bold raccoons (and a huge, ugly possum) that visit our back deck almost nightly. They scavenge for any unfinished cat food in the feeder my softhearted hubby fills for two cats that have taken up residence.

    This evening we heard a commotion, looked out, and saw that the raccoons had taken the feeder apart and were dragging it across the deck. They fled when we flipped the light on, but only after staring at us and giving us the evil eye for a bit. (I'd rather raccoons than the coyote a lady nearby found in her kitchen,



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