Friday, July 15, 2011

Mae Bae: The Baby Who Won't Sleep!

Mae Bae is developing quite the little personality. She already knows how to make sure her voice is heard in our lively little home: by being louder than anyone else.

You can make Sadie dissolve into laughter by telling her not to look at Mae Bae's Dora doll, because if Sadie so much as looks at the doll (which was Sadie's at one point... but Sadie's is very sweet when it comes to her sister and is constantly bringing her toys and giving them to her...) Mae lets out a ear piercing squeal. Thankfully, Sadie is incredibly patient with Mae and loves to make her sister laugh (and when Mae isn't objecting to toys being taken away she spends her time giggling at Sadie's antics).

Bed time is the biggest battle of the day. Mae is pretty sure that she's missing out on a lot of fun each night when, after she's tucked snugly in her crib. And so she resists sleep with every ounce of energy in her body. Tonight it took a grand total of two hours of nursing before she was out for good (or at least "for good" so far).

I remember this being the most difficult sleeping age with Sadie too (between about 10 months and a year). I think a lot of it has to do with the frustration that goes along with not being able to express themselves yet at this age. So far Mae has said "Ma," "Bo-pa" (directed at Grumpa) and "Up!". She's babbling quite a bit though, and I have a feeling she's going to be talking early, just as she was walking pretty early (she's transitioned to walking pretty much everywhere now).

Throw teething into the mix and the nights have been a little bit long. Mae was up, roughly, from 11pm to 1am last night. And that's probably why the only topic I could think of was Mae... and sleep deprivation!

I can hardly wait to get past the long bedtimes... for a little while at least... I hope we have at least a couple months of semi restful nights before the new baby arrives (or at least as restful as sleep can be in the third trimester!).

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