Thursday, July 28, 2011


I can't believe it! Paul is about to go get the Uhaul! Where did the last few months go?!?!

It's going to be a busy day! I'll try to blog later on, if I can still lift my arms to type!


  1. You'll be in Florida before you know it! I hope the rest of your packing goes smoothly.

  2. Hope your mom has the girls and you guys can load in piece. Best of luck. When are you guys flying over? Can't wait to see pictures in the new place.

  3. What an exciting time in your lives!!! I still remember the excitement (24 years ago) of moving to a new city for [my] Paul's 1st job. . no longer in training, but an actual full-fledged M.D., starting his own practice in a multispecialty group. Our 2 daughters were about the ages of yours (we added 3 boys to the family, post move). Such a beautiful time. . .young and in love, building a family, and the world is your oyster. Good, safe travel. . .and may you have the best moving experience possible, because, as a dear friend of mind says, "Moving is yet another circle of Hell!" I hope that you are able to blog somewhere/sometime in all these action-packed days. . .because we'll all be thinking of you, and praying for smooth sailing.


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