Sunday, July 10, 2011

Some Good Car News (One Step Closer to a Van...)

Paul and I listed our car on craigs list this week. It was kind of a sad moment, because that car has been his baby (we bought it before Sadie was born, back when he was working 100+ hours a week in social work...) and he was hoping to have it for years to come. He's had the oil changed religiously (there was a deal with the dealership so that it was free). However, it's downfall was not being able to fit three car seats in the back.

So he washed it and got it all ready and we snapped a few pictures and posted them. The price was about $6000 lower than the other cars that were the same description (I really couldn't believe they will sell for that much! It's almost full price!).

And tonight I just got an email from the dealership we bought it from. Apparently they watch the listings and they want to buy the car back! I think Paul will probably call them tomorrow... It would be really great if it was that simple and we wouldn't have to worry about the things you worry about when you meet someone you don't know to sell a car! This made my whole night!


  1. Yay, hopefully this will go smoothly. That's a cute car!


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