Friday, July 22, 2011

Dee and Mae Bae: The Vendetta Continues

Oh the imagination of a three year old. It began with one sentence, repeated over and over again. But the story has grown as Sadie has spent the last couple of months telling it over and over again, several times a day. Parts are true. Parts are pure fiction (Mae never went to the hospital for a cat scratch). Lately it's been getting more and more elaborate every single day. Here's the latest:

"Dee scratched Mae Bae. Mae Bae go hospital. But I heard, Mae Bae pulled Dee's tail. And her ears. And her whiskers. And her paw. Then Dee sat on Mae Bae's cake. Dee had a time out. Mae Bae ate Dee's food."

And she's said it so many times that it stay exactly the same every time she says it (she usually pauses, hoping someone else in the family will throw in a few words since we all know what's coming next).

Can you guess which part of this story actually happened (and more unfortunately, actually happened today)?

Here's the clue... It was not the highlight of my day.


  1. Mae Bae pulled Dee's tail and Dee scratched Mae Bae?

  2. Mae Bae ate the cat's food right???

  3. It's ok if kids eat animal food. It won't hurt them. My cousin used to eat cat food all the time when we were little. Mae will be ok. Just hope she doesn't take a liking to it or it will be a re-occurring theme. On the bright side it's something you can laugh about when she gets older.

  4. Mae Bae has pulled Dee's tail and been scratched, but yesterday the event (yuck!) was finding the cat food at Nani's house! I always go around and pick it up, but one dish had been put in an odd place and she found it. In a matter of moments it was in her mouth and on the wall!

    Thankfully I don't think she liked it because she was more than willing to spit it out! But I do have a feeling we'll be hearing this story over the years!


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