Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mae Bae's Favorite Book of the Moment

Mae Bae is in love with this book. If it were up to her, we would read it all day long, possibly with breaks for food and sleep, but without breaks for diaper changes (Mae isn't a fan of pausing her busy schedule for diaper changes these days).

Peek-a-Who is a simple board book with cutouts so that the baby can look through and see part of the next page.

We actually bought it after Sadie repeatedly checked it out of the library between her first and second birthday. She loved it and it's become a family favorite because of the smiles it inspires in both girls (Sadie will still pause to hear me read it!).

At an age when Mae is quickly frustrated with books (she wants to turn the pages, but struggles with the motor skills required at this point) and wants to turn the pages before I finish reading anything more than a few words, Mae loves the wording (it's pretty much "Peeka" on one page and then another word like "choo choo!" on the next) and the Peek-boo theme!

(picture from amazon book page)

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  1. I demand a Mae Bae picture for this story.



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