Saturday, February 28, 2009

Attack of the Kissing Baby

Sadie spent a good portion of the day scooting around the living room on her stomach.  She has gotten the crawling idea down, she just hasn't quite figured out the execution.  She knows that she needs to push herself up on all fours and move her hands and legs.  She can move her legs pretty well and she can move her arms pretty well (although the arm movements are a bit exaggerated).  The problem comes when she puts them together.  When she moves her arms and her legs together, she tries to move her right leg and her right arm or her left leg and her left arm.  This inevitably ends with a sudden pause in movement, just as she's starting to move forward and then a tumble towards whichever side she had just moved.

So it was with a combination of rolling and scooting on her stomach that she made her way around the room, checking out the heating ducts and then making her way over to the hearth to check for any small pieces of wood or moss that had fallen off of the firewood when it was brought in.  After that it was back over to check on her toys and then around to the area between the front of the couch and the coffee table where she stopped to play.  

When I picked her up and hugged her Nani said "are you going to give Mommy a kiss?"  Now Sadie has given what I thought might be kisses (although it's hard to tell the difference between kissing someone and trying to taste them) but I wasn't totally sure.  But when Nani asked her if she was going to give me a kiss she stopped, held very still and looked at my face.  She then gave me a slobbery kiss, followed by two even more slobbery kisses (one of which got my eyelid).  She's still working on her aim.  She is such a little cuddle bug.

Tooth #2 is also officially here.  Sadie's newest way of greeting me whenever I have left the room is with one good bite, usually to a finger, hand or wrist.  It's a good thing we want to home school our kids....I can just see myself writing a blog in a few years to explain how Sadie was expelled from her fifth pre-school for biting...

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  1. Greetings from Malaysia! Hi and welcome to MBC! BTW, you have a beautiful blog.


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