Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Dramatic Day

We caved in and picked out a new computer to replace my old, very slow, much loved, lap top today. It was not an easy shopping trip, however. Sadie refused to nap on the entire hour and a half trip to Redding and was in fine form by the time we arrived at Best Buy. She started out with a tired sort of cheerfulness and then innocently suggested that she be put down (she was in the cart) so that she could stretch her legs out a bit. A few seconds later she was racing up and down through the store, squealing with glee each time she would step on a part of the linoleum that was blue. Paul and I took turns trying to corral her energy and keep her from pulling things off the shelves, or otherwise destroying the store. And then Sadie's first all out hysterical tantrum began. Apparently Daddy had picked her up and she didn't want to be picked up. I tried to get her to laugh. More tears. I kissed her and talked to her and jiggled her up and down and even spun around a few times (which usually gets a giggle). Hysterical screaming. I put her down. She started to laugh.

It was the beginning of a series of tantrums that ended with the Best Buy guy commenting on how something so small could be so loud. I agreed that I am shocked by it on a daily basis.

Sadie must have been exhausted on the ride home, but she managed to keep her exhausted little eyes open for the first forty five minutes of the drive, which meant that she'd barely slept at all when we got home. Which is probably why the next story of the day was so dramatic.

Sadie walked up to a power outlet and started trying to play with it. It has a plastic cover over it, but I figured she still needs to learn that they are something that we don't touch, so I said no in a firm (but soft) voice when she started to play with it. She stopped and looked at me and then started to play again. I said no again. We went back and forth in this way, with her stopping when I would say no and then watching me for about ten seconds before trying again. After a few minutes of this I said, "no touch." Sadie put her hand down and stuck out her lip. It started to tremble. I stood up and rushed over to pick her up, but she was inconsolable by the time I made it across the room. Then she started to say "Dada" who she was pretty sure would overrule my decision about the outlet and let her play with it... I think she may be surprised. Poor little thing! She finally passed out and is sound asleep right now. It's almost my bedtime too!

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