Thursday, August 6, 2009

Keeping Up with Sadie

We are walking, walking, walking, everywhere. Sadie actually doesn't want to go indoors at all. She would rather cruise around the yard, falling frequently and laughing hysterically. We started out by trying to walk around the large dirt road loop that goes by our house. Instead Sadie headed over towards Nini and Gigi's house and then sat down and refused to go any further when we tried to get her to stand back up. She also loves the back lawn. When she figures out that we're trying to get her to come inside she has been known to make a break for it and try to get away.

We bought a pair of size seven sneakers yesterday and even though I knew that they would be too big, I decided to have her try them on this morning to see how big they were. They were already the perfect fit (and they don't look like they'll fit for much longer). Her feet are growing so quickly, just like the rest of her.

Today was Sadie's weekly trip to the library. We got there just as it started to pour and ran inside! Sadie picked out her five board books to read this week. Soon we'll have to start re-checking out books. So far Peekawho and Bean are her favorite library books.

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