Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Worst Case Scenarios...

I'm not one of those mom's who is obsessed with germs. One of my friends has a cousin who made everyone, including her ninety year old grandmother from China, wash and sterilize their hands before going near the baby. While I certainly kept Sadie away from people who were sick I have, for the most part, figured that excessively sterilizing everything that she comes into contact with would only mean that she wasn't being exposed to germs and wouldn't develop immunities and would get sick more often. In the past when Sadie's binkie fell on the ground we would pick it up, wipe it off, and give it back to her...

Then the swine flu came into the spotlight. I still wasn't all that worried. We started using more hand sanitizer and paid more attention to washing our hands frequently when we were out of the house, but our little county has been largely untouched, so we hadn't thought much about it.

However, after watching the today show the last few mornings and the news each night, I've started to feel a bit panicked (I can't imagine how mom's who usually worry about these things feel). And then Nani announced that while I was out of the room some news program said that they expect little kids to be hit harder than any other group. I started to feel a little sick! Maybe it's all the worst case scenarios I keep hearing. It's like being told over and over again "don't panic... but..."

So I will continue buying copious quantities of hand sanitizer from bath and both works and making sure everyone washes their hands. And if worse comes to worse and the worst case scenarios play out, we'll probably be spending a lot more time on the property and praying that Daddy (the one person who has to go out for work and school), doesn't get sick.

The morning and nightly news is turning me into a stressed mom!

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