Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Poor Little Apple

I don't have much time for a blog today, because my computer's cord snapped and the battery was already pretty low. As it is my wonderful little Apple is reaching the end of it's life (it's four years old and is incredibly slow because I have way too much stuff on it). So we're weighing our options. Do we put more money into the old computer so that it can run (power cord, external drive, ect.) or splurge on a new computer that has more memory (I am hooked on Macs after quite a few PC catastrophies, and they are just so expensive, although in my experience cheaper than having a professional fix the problems that happen once a virus knocks a PC out of commission)? We're going to look at computers tomorrow... which tells you something about the direction that I'm leaning in. I should be back online tomorrow (hopefully on my own computer, one way or another) and blogging! Good night!

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