Thursday, August 13, 2009

Adventures in Knitting

I've promised to upload pictures of the projects I've been working on for a while, and while I haven't pieced the teddy bear for Greg and Kerry's baby together yet, here are shots of the sweater I'm making (this is the back panel) and Sadie's Christmas Blanket. I am knitting like crazy and going into town tomorrow (3 hours round trip) to pick up more yarn (there's a sale at Michael's and I have a coupon!).

There are so many babies being born right now! I want to make at least one small thing for each one, so I've been mentally coming up with a list of babies (or their parents, since we don't have any names yet) and presents.
I'm trying to keep from getting ahead of myself. If I start thinking about all the baby presents I need to make I may start thinking about the Christmas presents that I should already have started on. And there is never any way that I will finish all the projects that I will come up with. I never do. I buy the wool. I have the best intentions. And then I end up with a handful of presents and a bunch of leftover wool (and a bunch of presents I need to rush out and buy). It's best to focus on the babies right now and not get ahead of myself. Here's what I need to knit/crochet in the coming days.

2 (and a half since the one isn't finished) teddy bears
2 baby blankets (one is already finished)
1 penguin (the theme of my new nephew (or nieces) bedroom)
3 sweaters (I just have a think for making maybe sweaters)

That ought to take up a bit of time (particularly if you add the sweater that I am determined to finish, the big girl baby blanket for Sadie, that looks like it could fit a queen sized bed, the sweater I would like to make Paul for Christmas, and the additional sweater I'd like to make Sadie). See now I've started making the Christmas list, which I promised not to. So I better stop now before I get carried away.

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