Thursday, August 27, 2009

Music for Little People

I just have to write a post about my experience with Music for Little People. It's an amazing store and twenty years ago, when I was little, we lived near it and my mom used to get tapes and other fun musical stuff from them. My favorite was a red tape recorder with an attached microphone. When I was trying to figure out what to get Sadie for her birthday I thought of the company and googled it. I was excited to find that the little company was still in existence and over the course of the last two decades, had grown. After exploring their website I found the perfect present: a baby proof MP3 player.

I figured it would help keep Sadie busy during all the traveling we were doing this summer. And it did. For one whole week. Then it mysteriously stopped working. We've been so busy that I hadn't done anything about it other then put it back in it's box. When I checked their website I saw that they only accepted returns for 45 days after a product was received. So I sent an email explaining what had happened and waited for reply.

It arrived yesterday in the form of an email that said we didn't need to return the broken one and that the new one was in the mail. They have great customer service! So check out their site next time your shopping for a little. Sadie recommends the Raffi CD with the Baby Beluga song on it.

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