Monday, August 3, 2009

Where's Your Diaper?!?!

Sadie surprised me today. She took a very short nap and woke up in a very cranky mood. She insisted on getting down on the ground and collapsing in a little heap. Finally she stretched out flat and acted like she was going to sleep. I had been typing something up with one hand while she'd been sleeping, so I hurried to finish up. After a few seconds I glanced at her. She was still laying in the same position. A few minutes later I glanced over again... and noticed something was different. She was still laying on the ground, but there was something next to her that hadn't been there before. A diaper. She was wearing a dress, so I couldn't tell at first that there was a half naked baby who had just removed her diaper, lying on the floor. A minute later I'd wrestled the naked baby back into the diaper, and I'm hoping that she forgets that she knows how to remove her diaper.

She is also having a problem with books that have pictures of the sun in them. She learned the word moon and looks up in the sky at the moon. Every time we see a picture of the moon she points them out. So imagine her surprise when we were looking at a book and she pointed to a picture of a bright ball in a blue sky and I said "sun." She pointed over and over again, waiting for me to correct the mistake and say moon. When I didn't she'd point more urgently. Finally I found a book with a white moon and we looked at the moon and said moon and the sun and said sun. I don't think she was satisfied with my response though.

Lastly we found out why she finds Will Ferrell so hilarious immediately after turning the TV off. After laughing hysterically every time Will Ferrell came onto the television screen she turned, looked at her dad and started to crack up. For the rest of the night every time she would look at Paul she would laugh hysterically. Apparently she thought she was watching Paul on TV in Bewitched.

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