Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Moon

Sadie is a little obsessed with the moon. She finds it in books. She constantly looks for it in the sky. And when we’re reading a book, if it’s daytime in the book, she gets upset if she points to the little circle in the sky and I say “sun.” She will keep pointing to it, over and over again, with a serious little frown on her face.

I explained it to her by saying that the sun is in the sky during the day and the moon is in the sky at night. Then we went outside yesterday and Sadie was shocked by what she saw. The sun was in the sky, but so was the moon. She pointed at it on her entire walk. Then today, when we went outside, she nearly fell over after every step, because her head was straight back and her little arm was flung up, pointing at the half moon. She now knows that it is out during the day… which means that Mommy was wrong when she said the sun is out during the day and the moon is out at night… completely justifying her insistent pointing when I label the little circle in the book the sun instead of the moon. Clearly it is the moon.

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