Thursday, August 6, 2009

If I Had An Addiction... It Would Be Wool!

I have gotten a lot of knitting done since my computer has been out of service (the new computer is here now!). I am now determined to finish the cable knit sweater (I'll post a picture in the next few days, as soon as I'm "moved in" to my new computer) that I started after my birthday this April, and then put away for a while so that I could finish the baby presents that I needed to get done before my new little nephew (or niece) is born (everyone for some reason thinks that it's going to be a boy, probably because the last three babies born have been girls). The cable knit sweater is the first sweater that I've made for myself. Up until this point all of my knitting efforts in the clothing department (other than hats and scarves) had been showered on Sadie, who grows out of her clothes as fast as I can make them.

I haven't had much time to knit since Sadie was born. I can type with one hand, while she's asleep, but knitting takes two (or some very clever baby positioning if she's asleep on me). Before she was born I went a little crazy with the knitting and crocheting and obsessively made baby things. I spent hours and hours making tiny sweaters (I was a mom on a mission, I started keeping track of my knitting time and found I spent around ten hours one day trying to finish the sweater I was working on. I was beginning to get a bit obsessed with turning out baby clothes.). Now Sadie makes sure that doesn't happen. After fifteen minutes she decides that I've been paying attention to something other than her pretty little face for a little too long and tries to yank the needles out of my hand. At this rate it may take some determination to finish the sweater by this winter. Still, I'm optimistic.

Having a baby also means that less money is squandered on expensive wool. The title of my blog is actually accurate. I love buying wool and then hiding it in one of the large, overflowing picnic baskets I use for my yarn stash. If you aren't a knitter it's hard to imagine how ridiculously expensive wool can be. I think my husband is shocked every time he goes into the local quilting store, which also has yarn, and sees how much it costs (maybe that's why he avoids it). I am learning to be content with the plastic feeling yarn from Michaels (the sweater was a splurge, I used some of the money from my birthday to get birthday wool!). Now I just can't get distracted by all the babies that are being born now. I'll knit stuff for them too, I just can't stop knitting the sweater completely while turning out blankets and bears and sweaters. I will finish it this year! In fact I will set a rather ambitious goal: Date to Finish the Sweater- October 1st, 2009. Now that I've said it on my blog I have to do it!

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