Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Incredible Exhausted Stair Climbing Baby

Sadie took one nap today. It lasted for less than half an hour. I begged her to take a morning nap. I pleaded with her to take an afternoon nap. She giggled (with a hint of hysteria shaping the sound) and arched her back to get up. After a brief wrestling match I decided that we weren't getting any nearer to sleeping, and let her get up. She raced around the room, falling frequently, and bumping into things. When she's even the tiniest bit sleepy she losses the little coordination that she has and becomes a walking disaster.

Later in the day we walked over to see Nini and Gigi. Nani was already over at Nini's visiting. Sadie loves going next door to visit. Every time we go on a walk she spends every bit of energy trying to drag us over to their stairs, even when no one is home. Then she makes sure that we know on the way back that she absolutely did not want to leave. On our walk back home today she stopped Nani three times and tried to drag her back to Nini and Gigi's house!

She is also very interested in learning to climb stairs. She doesn't want to crawl up them. She insists on walking. And she doesn't want to take a step and bring her feet together. She wants to walk up stairs like a grown up, one foot on one step and then the next on the next step. It's funny to watch (and cling to her hand) because her legs aren't long enough to walk up the steps like that and after the first step she'll barely be able to reach the next on with her toe. Instead of bringing her feet together and taking a step, she pulls on my arms to balance and puts her weight on her toe while flinging her other foot at the next stair in a dramatic kick that barely makes it.

I am so glad we have sturdy gates on our stairs. She would just be scary on her own!

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