Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sadie the Stomper

Sadie is peering around the side of Grumpa's giant computer screen. My poor battered computers power cord finally snapped, leaving the apple temporarily useless, at least until we get a new power cord. Grumpa's computer must weigh five times more then my little Mac. She's had a long couple of days, after deciding that she doesn't think that she needs naps anymore. She resists her naps each day, and has recently made it until early afternoon before crashing.

She is now an expert walker. She hardly crawls these days at all, but instead stomps around in her tiny sneakers. Earlier this week when the Bishop said Mass at our Parish I took Sadie outside to wait until it was time to start, so that she could get all of her wiggles out. People were still arriving and I was watching Sadie very carefully on the lawn area, because it can get a little steep. When anyone arrived for Mass she would turn and run back onto the sidewalk, heading straight for them. She would stomp her little size six sneakers right up to them and then come to a stop. When they said hi to her she, without fail, turned on her little heel and stomped away. She was suddenly shy. At least until the next parishioner arrived.

She's also very interested in stairs. She refuses to crawl on them, because now that she has decided that she is a big girl, she wants to walk everywhere. Helping her go up them is not nearly as scary as watching her go down them (holding tighter to her hand the entire time). She takes shaky steps on the way up. She thinks it's fun to hop and have Mommy's hand keep her from falling on the way down. We don't have good judgement yet when it comes to these things.

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