Monday, August 3, 2009

Baby Basics (and Not So Basics)

Paul has two more years left in grad school at USF, but he's already excitedly looking forward to the next step, which will hopefully include a degree in canon law (JCL). His first choice school, at this moment, is the Angelicum, in Rome. The hardest part would be saving enough to live in Rome while he is attending school. And that brought on the thoughts that led to todays blog...

If we were to move to Rome with Sadie, and possibly another baby (anything could happen in two years!) what baby things would we actually need. We went over the top shopping for baby stuff for Sadie when I was pregnant (we kept justifying buying baby things by saying that we want to have a huge family, so we'll use them more then once!) but what would we be able to bring on a plane/buy if we were moving across the globe. All of this turned into more abstract thoughts about what we actually used when we had a newborn, or what were the absolute basics I would want to have if in this hypothetical situation, we end up moving to Rome with a newborn... Here's what I came up with:

What You Really Need When You're Having a Baby (The Basics):

For Transportation: A Sling- To be more exact 5-6 yards of stretch knit cotton. I learned how to do several great holds from this baby wearing website. I use the hip hold and the back carry the most. Our Bob stroller has been great and I love it, but if we're talking bare basics, this is the way to go.

To Wear to Sleep: Halo Sleep Sacks- I'm not sure these can be called bare basics but they definitely helped me sleep easier for the first six months of Sadie's life. They work as pajamas and a blanket, so you don't have to deal with dangerous bedding.

For Bath Time: A bathtub, soap and wash clothes and lotion for dry baby skin and nail clippers- I do think a bathtub with a hammock for newborns things significantly easier when baby is tiny.

For Feeding Time: A Nipple Shield and Milk Pads- Not every mom needs the shield but when feeding gets painful they can help you get through the rough spots (I used mine for a month and a half). I didn't use bottles or the breast pump that I, for some reason thought I would need. And if you have a baby who can nurse for 7 consecutive hours without stopping, you may want to get a binkie. I was against binkies starting out, but then... they saved my nipples!

Furniture: Glider- Okay this is just wishful thinking. But if I had to pick one piece of furniture for baby, that would be it.

For Sleep: A Bassinet- I'm a weird co-sleeper. I don't feel comfortable co-sleeping with a tiny baby. Sadie stayed in her bassinet for six months and then moved into the bed. She hasn't spent a single night in her big beautiful crib.

To Wear: Onsies and sleepers- With all the diaper and milk based accidents in the beginning I would probably start with ten onsies so laundry isn't too crazy.

In Case Baby Feels Sick: A Thermometer- So you can tell the doctor the temperature if baby gets sick on Friday night right after the office closes.

I should add a car seat here, but we'll only need a car seat if we have a car... and I think we'll probably stick with public transportation. I'm probably leaving stuff out, so I've included a list of the things we really didn't use much. If it's not on either list I may have forgotten it. I also didn't include the stuff baby needs later on (at around six months) like a high chair and bibs and spoons and sippie cups.

Things We Could Have Done Without:
Swing Bouncy Seat Crib
Vibrating Seat Bottles Breast Pump
Changing Table Baby Monitor Shoes
Baby Hand Mittens Bedding Play Pen

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