Sunday, February 13, 2011

Daily Dose of Cuteness: Sadie and Mrs. Bunny's Blast from the Past!

I showed this video to Sadie tonight and it got her laughing again. Which was good to see because she's sick again and had a tough day. And on top of being sick we drove by a greenhouse that was harvesting and the before the smell was strong enough to be noticeable she started wheezing and gasping... when she finally could talk she breathlessly said "tight, tight, tight." Anyways, on to a lighter subject. Sadie and her buddy Mrs. Bunny:


  1. Sorry to hear Sadie was having a hard time yesterday. Maybe today will be better. She was such a cutie and apparently bunnies are very funny creatures.

  2. That part about Sadie saying "tight tight" just broke my heart. It's so hard when little children suffer like that. I'll pray for her and you. But - that video really put a smile on my face (I'm still smiling :-) What a crazy laugh! LOL

  3. Such a cute video, and what an infectious giggle.

    I'm so sorry she is having such a hard time, I hope she's doing better now.


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