Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Toddler Quotes: Anacondas, Spiders and Baths

A sample of today's conversations with Sadie (as well as I can remember them!):

Nani: "When Maggie's one she'll be big enough to take a bath in the big tub and you can take a bath together!"
Sadie: Turns and looks at Maggie sitting on Nani's lap and wags her finger at Maggie before saying "No!"

Later when Nani and Sadie went on a walk (I was cooped up sick inside on the couch with Mae):

Nani: "Animals make those holes." (As they walk past ground squirrel holes near the house)
Sadie: "Anaconda!"

Tonight when Sadie was playing in the sink with her two toy elephants:

Me: "Do you like elephants?"
Sadie: "Yeah!"
Me: "And anacondas?" (because she's a little obsessed with them at the moment... every snake is an "anaconda")
Sadie: "Yeah!"
Me: "And caymans?" (obsession #2... every alligator or crocodile that she sees is a "cayman!")
Sadie: "Yeah!"
Me: "And spiders?"
Sadie: "Ye... No!"
Me: "Bugs?"
Sadie: "Ick!" (a disgusted sort of raspberry sound)

She certainly has opinions... about everything these days!

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